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  • The Bug

Workshop: Modifyre 2019 Effigy and Temple Build

Calling out to lovers of building stuff! This workshop is your chance to express your creativity and put your hands to practice building large scale structures for Modifyre, Queensland's regional Burning Man Event.

Dates for your diary:

Workshop 1: June 8th & 9th Workshop 2: June 15th & 16th Truck pack: June 21st & 22nd Onsite build: June 24th - July 2nd

Event: July 3rd - 8th


Over the course of one month, a team of skilled and unskilled carpenters, builders, architects and motivated volunteers will come together at HSBNE to construct two large-scale effigies ("the Bug", yes a giant insect, and the Temple) for Modifyre 2019: Secret Garden.

Don't have mad build skills? Don't worry - there is always plenty to keep the enthusiastic volunteer busy. It's not all about hammering and sawing. It's also about community. Spend time with like-minded individuals, exercise dynamic design problem solving, share meals, create your own mythology...

Don't forget: - Tools (hammers, drills, saws, the whole toolbox, etc) - Safety gear (enclosed footwear, gloves, safety glasses) - Sustenance (water bottle, plate of food to share) - Sun protection (hat, sunscreen, protective clothing) - Burn materials (let us know if you have untreated wood and fasteners) - An open mind

If you can't make this weekend or commit to the whole project, that's okay. There is another chance the following weekend (June 15-16th) or by being on site at Inglewood (June 24th - July 2nd).

Looking forward to seeing our collaboration come alive!


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