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A collection of clippings from the ruminatings, schemings and happenings from our organisation and its members...

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  • The Bug


So you want to put your hand up for some shifts on the Paddock? Alright don’t twist our arms, you’re in! Volunteer shifts are integral to the event and we ask that you sign up for a minimum of 2 shifts ideally (most shifts are 4 to 6 hours).

Some roles require you to be on the Paddock pre or post-event to help us set up and pack down (that’s when all the real fun happens & you’ll also get fed by the Kitchen Crew during those times).

First in first served so fill in that VOLUNTEER FORM quick to not miss out on your fave placement, and keep in mind that some of our crews are a bit needier than others (or require people with specific skills). Right now, we’re especially looking for folk who are keen to:

  • Wear a toolbelt and rock the high-vis for our pre-event, during and post-event Department of Infrastructure and Construction (DICs) crew. You’ll get to strut around the Paddock with your trusty hammer and help us build up from grassy emptiness to the village you all know and love - and then build back down again. Pick either one of the pre/during/post timeframes and let us know your availability and any handy skills you might have.

  • Ever dreamt of spending a couple of weeks building an awe-inspiring wooden sculpture out in the middle of nowhere, pouring all of your blood, sweat and tears into it, and then setting it on fire? If it’s a yes, join the Temple crew! We’re on the lookout for people who can commit to a fair bit of time pre-event (nothing to pack down given that, you know, we burn it) including some workshops in Brisbane, and it’s a bonus if you’ve got some building experience but not necessary.

  • Get their hands grubby (and I mean real grubby) and connect with the land as Earth Guardians. These are largely post-event shifts, where you get to sweep through our community’s campsites and reward them with beautiful Green Tags if there’s no MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) on site. Keep a sharp eye out for sequins!

  • Watch the world burn… Or at the very least, a fire barrel. FLAME Guardians get to keep a watchful eye over the fire barrels peppered throughout the site, keep them burning and also make sure nothing else gets set on fire. These are night-time shifts so bring some woolly mittens and hot cacao and be ready to amuse and entertain any lost souls looking for a bit of warmth on the Paddock.

If none of these feel like your true calling, there’s plenty more options to go for:

  • Gate: check those tickets and make sure everyone has arrived full self reliant and ready to burn!

  • Greeters: greet arrivals with a fully consensual hug if they’re into that, and welcome them into our little microcosm - bubbly personalities please apply!

  • The Heart: help run our civic center, where community discussions, workshops and so forth are held. Keep the schedule running and the mic at the right height and you’re good to go.

  • Lanterneers: turn on the (battery-powered) city lights at night, and turn them off in the morning - short shifts & perfect if you’re into invigorating evening or early morning walks around the town.

  • Crew Kitchen: you know how we promised food to those people who work on-site pre and post-event? Well you’re here to cook for them! No need for gourmet cuisine, but if you know how to make 100kg of potatoes interesting for three days in a row, please apply.

  • Medics: You’ll need to be willing to do a First Aid certificate or have one already up-to-date, and of course patch up anyone coming to you with non-serious injuries. You can give them a pat on the head too if they consent to it.

  • Rangers: our trusty community guardians, y’all here to uphold the peace and none of that other stuff. Experienced Rangers are preferred, though if not you’ll have to attend Ranger training before the event. Cool, collected and empathic individuals to the top of the list please!

  • Traffic: You want to feel power? You want to be in control of things? Come here and direct the flow of traffic! Get covered head-to-toe in high-vis and prepare to keep the cars slow and moving, preferably in the direction you’ve told them to.

  • Royal Flushers aka the Toilets: Alright alright, no one wants to clean the toilets and I’m struggling to make this sound like the most wonderful of jobs, but someone’s got to do it! Short shifts, and you get infinite bragging rights for dealing with everyone else’s sh*t. No seriously, you’ll get treated like the majesty that you are. Bring some incense.

  • Sanidu: Always wanted to roam around the paddock blasting Olivia Newton John and topping up our sanitiser stations? This is a newly made role this year which will see you teaming up with our COVID-Queen to make sure our event runs safe and sanitised

If you have skills or experience in any of these areas and want to discuss, or you're just interested in getting more involved behind the scenes, please get in touch; email or come along to one of our Event Production Team meetings or workshops.


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