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UPDATE: Modifyre 2020 Ticket Refund



Dear Bugs,

Thankyou to everybody who attended the AGM yesterday morning. We will be releasing the minutes soon for those who missed it.

Again, we thank you for your patience with us as we decided the best course of action for Modifyre together. After our community consultation session, we were all in agreement that whilst Modifyre WILL still go ahead in some form, it will not be in our beloved paddock in Yelarbon, and that we will begin by refunding all ticket sales this week. Again, if you need your money asap to live on, please email to arrange an immediate transfer.

As for the format of Modifyre 2020, as usual it’s our role to provide the framework, and your role to take it and run with it! If you have ideas and would like to contribute to organising, we encourage you to attend our next online Event Production Team (EPT) Meeting ( on the 15th April.

Take this opportunity to think about what you’d like to see right now, responding to this viral moment. We are great at working within limitations and changing circumstances. Do you need to let off steam, or do you know vulnerable community members who need a community service? Us burners know better than anyone that parties can coexist seamlessly with community support initiatives and serious chats about the state of things! We also know that it is all important.

In the short term, remember that we have a newly released year-round micro-grant scheme, and that BURN Arts is here to support you in your endeavours, whether that’s utilising our online platform, promotional support, grant auspicing and access to community networks with wide ranging skills. Remember, our definition of “art” is very broad, so get in touch if you’d like to get an initiative off the ground! You can see the non-exhaustive list of support at

We wish you all the best and hope that this period of cocooning treats you well. The Paddock is keenly awaiting your presence next year!


The BURN Arts Committee

Image Credit: Thomas Oliver (, @thomas__oliver)


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