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Theme camp registrations for Modifyre 2019 are live!

What is a theme camp, you ask?

A theme camp is an interactive, inclusive and participatory space created by the combined efforts of participants for the benefits of other participants. They are a direct expression of the principles of communal effort, participation and gifting.

Anyone is welcome to create or join a theme camp - there's no idea too big, too small, or too far-fetched. At Modifyre we've enjoyed theatrical spaces, kids' camps, bars, chill-out spaces, cafes, and sound camps.

So why register? There are a number of benefits:

- Your camp will be allocated an appropriate placement on the paddock, with enough space for all of your activities; - We'll include you in the official event guide, so everyone can see what you're up to and when; - We can connect you with other like-minded camps, so you can pool resources such as power.

NOTE: Registration is ESSENTIAL for sound and fire camps.

Head on over to for more information on theme camps and how to register.


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