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A collection of clippings from the ruminatings, schemings and happenings from our organisation and its members...

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  • The Bug

RAD Narrative for Modifyre 2019

Last year, the Modifyre RAD (Rapid Art Deployment) team brought you the Bug Ball, the competition to win the Bug Princesses’ hand in marriage, her kidnapping, the overthrow of the monarchy, and the liberation of the Home Brew.

This year, in celebration of everything floral and faunal, they’re conducting a mass commitment ceremony to the earth, complete with Reception! By treating the earth as our lover, rather than our mother, who knows what changes may arise…the relationship's been pretty toxic and non-consensual the last little bit.

Check out this video by RAD member Sophie to get excited. 

Dress Code: Bug-day Best! Or something to show your earthly devotion…


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