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A collection of clippings from the ruminatings, schemings and happenings from our organisation and its members...

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  • The Bug


The sun sets on the horizon of Goondiwindi Shire as the insects begin their song, a matronal song that reverberates through flames that light as the sky does the stars. Another cycle has passed, a year since the Bug Ball threatened the peace of the land. The story of the princess taken from her engagement and milked of her essence for the ultimate home brew bellows out from smoke around a campsite. Such a story seems distant now, far removed from those who stood united on ashes.

The line between insect-kind is blurred as a deep booming beckons from neon lights in the distance. Masks and costumes are donned, provisions are packed, and cries of uncompromising revelry are heard deep in the forest. This year marks a new union, one between self and earth-lover, a ceremony of commitment for all to all. Mistletoes colour the eucalyptus, and flowers bloom expectantly. Will you accept the proposal and enter the secret garden?


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