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Modifyre 2019: Get involved!

We're big on the Participation principle here at Modifyre. It's one of the 12 principles of Burning Man, the ethos that guides our event.

Modifyre is a 100% participant-driven undertaking - there's no production company operating behind the scenes. Without our volunteer Event Production Team (EPT) and volunteers onsite so graciously gifting their time and skills each year, there would be no event.

Many of our crew team leads have been heavily involved in Modifyre for a number of years now. Many will be looking to either take a step back or step into a different role in 2020. Many of them are also still juggling multiple roles and are looking to reduce that number, so they can better contribute to a single role.

This is where you come in!

We need folks who can make a multi-year commitment to these roles to ensure the stability of Modifyre. Without fresh new faces bringing new skills and ideas, we cannot continue to grow.

The lead up to and during the 2019 event is a perfect opportunity to have enthusiastic new team members shadow or join our team to learn the ropes and take on a role in 2020.

It’s an exciting time to get involved; we’re four years in and we’ve already made the biggest mistakes for you! We now have great systems in place to let you hit the ground running and bring your unique perspective to the community.

So, are you interested? Shoot us an email at, and you can chat with one of our fabulous facilitators to match-make your interests and skillset with potential teams.

Image: Megan Keene


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