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Minifyre 2019

As you may or may not know, Modifyre is a completely decommodified event - we have no commercial sponsors, and no vendors or stalls onsite.

But we love art and theme camps - they're kinda what we're all about. And we know that transporting all your goods and chattels four hours west of Brisbane isn't always light on the wallet.

So we're throwing a fundraising party! All money raised will go towards our arts and theme camp grants. Entry is $10 and you can expect cheap drinks, Mexican food, music, fire and other forms of entertainment. The fun starts at 6pm next Saturday evening and will kick on until late!

for more details, including info on how to volunteer on the day if you're so inclined.

What: Minifyre 2019

When: Saturday May 18 from 6pm

Where: Secret location TBA


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