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A collection of clippings from the ruminatings, schemings and happenings from our organisation and its members...

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Space Horse says…

Six months have passed since the Rainbow Invasion swept across the city. The Intergalactic Rainbow Army has restored order to the hipster heartlands of West End, erecting gold flags at every opportunity and parading unopposed and weird through the streets.

But it is a fragile peace, and dark forces are stirring. A new wave of gentrifiers gathers in surrounding suburbs, meeting in secret at micro-brewing brunch spots from Milton to Yerongpilly. With reserves of quinoa and avocado dwindling rapidly, the West End peninsula will soon be isolated entirely from reality, consumed by the irresistible allure of high-rise living.

But there is hope…

Four years ago, a team of aurally advanced adventurers set forth in search of a new home - a place free from the capitalist confines of the default world. With no contact for months, this brave crew of intergalactic interlopers was long presumed dead - UNTIL NOW… Scientists at the Intergalactic Equine Research Station (codename: Space Horse) have intercepted strange audio signals at frequencies previously unknown to human ears. Are these transmissions from our intrepid heroes? Are they returning with a tasty selection of cosmic sounds to launch us into the stratosphere..?

It is rumoured that an advance party of Vinyl Freaks and Latex Geeks has already left West End behind, venturing east along Vulture Street to the cultural wastelands north of the Gabba, where they are making preparations for the arrival of our heroes at a secret landing site near the Brisbane river.

It has been a long time since these intrepid sonic explorers set foot on the Earth’s soil - let us give them the welcome they deserve…before the Hipsters catch on.

Last Drinks V: Cosmic Homecoming is a launch party and fundraiser for Modifyre 2018, produced by Unqualified Design Studio in collaboration with BURN Arts and the wider Brisbane burner community.

Minifyre is an info session and recruitment drive for Modifyre 2018, as part of Last Drinks.

Last Drinks is a space for Brisbane’s cosmonautical, cosmopolitan and just plain cosmic communities to connect and collaborate. Offering the intrepid intergalactic explorer a place to relax after long voyages into the unknown, it is a space for radical self-expression, where ordinary earthlings can safely explore their inner-most extra-terrestrial.

Last Drinks is radically inclusive. We centre and celebrate diverse voices, irrespective of gender, colour, ability or belief. Whether you identify as infrared or ultraviolet, sine or square, at Last Drinks you will find someone who shares your frequency band.

The event is hosted by Backbone, a non-profit youth arts organisation based at East Brisbane Bowls Club :


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