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Grant Applications Now Open

Our arts and theme camp grant applications are now live!

In 2019, we have two grant schemes:

A Major Grant of $750, intended for a single large-scale built project; and A Micro-Grant Scheme of up to $250 for all other art and theme camp projects.

Our Major Grant is funded entirely by tickets, out of our Event Production Budget, and closes earlier to give the artist enough time to design and build their project. Our Micro-Grants and Theme Camp Grants are funded by a combination of the Event Production Budget and our forthcoming Minifyre fundraiser in May.

The 2019 Grant Assessment Team comprises:

Eliza: Artist & Modifyre Art Lead Tanya: Artist, BURN Arts Committee Member & Indigenous Liaison Anj: Theme Camp Co-Lead Stirlo: Architect & Modifyre Town Planner Alex: President of HSBNE & Modifyre F.L.A.M.E. Lead

This process is overseen by Emma (Art/Theme Camp Grant Lead and BURN Arts, Inc. committee member), who has no voting/assessment capacity.

If you’re applying for a grant, you MUST have registered first.

Grants and dates are as follows:

Large art grant 1 x $750 - applications open 15 April, close 18th May

Small grants/Theme Camp grants (multiple available, up to $250 each) - applications open 15th April, close 1st June. Interested? Head to to find the application forms for both art and theme camp grants. For any further info please contact


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