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Site Planning for Modifyre 2019 and Beyond: A Public Forum

Most of us have been to a few festivals and found ourselves admiring creative uses of space (think Woodford or Burning Man), or maybe conjuring up thoughts on how things could be done better (Fyre Festival anyone?).

For a burn, unlike most conventional festivals, planning emphasis is not so much on the detailed design of a site but rather on creating a strong infrastructural framework to allow theme camp crews, artists and participants to create the magic within.

In pondering the future of our little temporary autonomous community in Yelarbon State Forest, we need to consider a number of key factors, including our immediate environmental impact, allowance for growth, and our ongoing relationship with traditional custodians and the local Inglewood community.

BURN Arts would love to open up the discussion to the wider community to help collectively create our future physical footprint.

Facebook event Here

Date: Saturday, 2 March 2019

Venue: House Conspiracy (42 Mollison Street, West End 4101)

Time: 11:00-14:00

Session #1:

The first session will present a few key speakers followed by a public discussion.

Tanya “Kwirky” Kirkegaard Tanya, a Bigambul woman who has become a valued member of the Modifyre crew over the past couple of years, will chat a bit about the Indigenous history of the area - Bigambul and Gambul country - and possible ways we can integrate custodianship principles into the site plan.

Chris “Krishna” Holt Chris’s background as wandering horseman and later a conservationist has earned him a reputation as being a man who knows the land. Chris will touch on the ecology or the area and look at how we can try to reduce our long-term physical impact.

Stirling “Smokey” Blacket Stirling has been a burner for a few years now, and is excited to use his background in architecture to explore the role of town planner. His talk will look to other corners of the word to see what’s been done at other burns and what we can learn from them for our site.

A public discussion will follow where we will open up the floor to get your thoughts on a range of topics as a means guide the design of the site.

Session #2:

Sat 16th March (exact date and location TBC)

Taking the discussion to the drawing board, this session will be more hands on - where we will begin to map out a site plan and strategy moving forward. More to be announced…

Hope to see you there!


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