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A collection of clippings from the ruminatings, schemings and happenings from our organisation and its members...

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  • The Bug

The Hive adapts: The Bug will burn!

The CyberCall is overwhelming, a landscape of flora ripe for pollination...

Another invitation from Modifyre written in the CyberStars above the CyberPaddock upon where we meet. Synchronise, agitate, organise. We are one and other, together and singular, yet never alone. I'll help you; you'll help me. Together we'll weave connective tissue through the hive-mind with radical joy, care, self-expression and curiosity...

Raise up your antennae and join our CyberChorus @ MODIFYRE 2020: CYBERHIVE SOCIETY!!!

What is Modifyre 2020: CyberHive Society?

Like any Modifyre event, CyberHive Society’s core is the paddock. It has now transformed into a CyberPaddock – a custom-made, online, interactive, multi-app space you can explore and pollenate with creation. Wew! The CyberPaddock simulates a traditional Modifyre experience, acting as a hub for Theme Camps, video-conference parties, discussions, physical/digital art-experiences and platforms encouraging user-generated content. Participants will have their own, customisable Avatars to roam the CyberPaddock, visit theme camps and interact with others.

Will there still be a burn?!

Yes folks, we will still come together and dance as we watch our beloved Effigy burn on Saturday night, followed by a reflective Temple burn on Sunday evening. More details will be revealed by our always buzzing greeters as you enter the CyberPaddock...

How can I participate?

Just like the physical burn, there are alway's buzzy-bees bringing magic wherever they fly. From creating a theme camp or artwork to feature in our CyberPaddock, to lending a hand behind the scenes, we are looking for some fresh (or not-so fresh) bugs to fill our hive. Click here for more information on how you can participate at Modifyre this year.

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