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NAIDOC Poster Award 2018

As the first piece of business, we have exiting news from Cheryl Moggs, Bigambul woman and our local indigenous liaison.  Marisa, BURN Arts Fundraising Manager tells us more...

It is with great pleasure that we can share some incredibly exciting news on behalf of Cheryl Moggs, our local indigenous liaison in Goondiwindi and proud Bigambul woman. You may remember her extremely popular bush tour at Modifyre 2017! 

Turns out, Cheryl is not just an educator, advocate and community representative, but is also now a nationally renowned artist, as she has just won the National NAIDOC Poster Art Award 2018! This year her painting will be on the NAIDOC poster as it is disseminated to indigenous communities all around Australia. 

We are really proud to have such important connections in the region in which we set up home for a few weeks a year, and are honoured to be welcomed onto Country for our event. We wish Cheryl all the best on her national adventure, and subsequent world domination.  For now, she is off to Sydney to celebrate and receive her award at the NAIDOC celebrations in July, joined by family, and has also bought a new pair of shoes for the occasion. 


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