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A collection of clippings from the ruminatings, schemings and happenings from our organisation and its members...

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As you've probably heard by now, Modifyre is happening this year. Tickets are NOW ON SALE! Jump on our website for more details and to secure your spot on the paddock.

Tickets will be capped at 500 participants this year. Given the current demand for events within Queensland, we recommend securing your ticket as early as possible to avoid disappointment. You won’t want to miss it!

We have teamed up again with Humanitix this year who will be managing the ticketing platform. Humanitix is a registered charity who are helping close the education gap for kids around the world. This year your booking fees will go towards funding scholarships for indigenous students. Be sure to check out the work they are doing!

For those burners with holes in their pockets, there is also a zip pay option for you to purchase your ticket in instalments.

If you have any questions about tickets please jump on our website more information or email



The Paddock that Time Forgot

In a world where everything has changed, the paddock remains frozen in time.

Wild, weird and welcoming, like the souls who are drawn there. This lost world awaits your return.

Amidst a backdrop of endless skies, opportunities and cosmic curiosities, Modifyre welcomes you home.

With new ways of operating, but familiar intentions, it’s time to harvest all the creative ideas and share them with your community.

Time to reinvigorate, shake off the dust and make space for new adventures.

Loss has been a theme of the last year; as we gather with an even deeper appreciation of the importance of connection and celebration, we aim to support each other, the land and the event with reverence.

Embracing the Burning Man Principles, we will express, explore, share, mentor, mingle and make magic for 5 days in July.

Participating is an interactive experience, in addition to being the backbone of the event, being part of things makes it easier to be part of things.

Bring your art, your skills and talents for an adventure in expression; bring the attitude of gratitude for the ability to come together as we continue to build the world we want to live in.

The paddock awaits, it hasn’t forgotten.



There are a plethora of ways to get involved, and below are just a few ideas on how you can be a part of the magic.

Got a few friends coming with you? Why not create a Theme Camp

A theme camp is an inclusive, interactive space brought together by multiple participants who want to collaboratively share their gift with other participants. They're the social core of any burn, bringing vibrancy and variety.

Anyone is welcome to create or join a Theme Camp. There is no idea too big, too small, or too far-fetched. Examples might include theatrical venues, kids camps, play spaces, bars, chill-out spaces, cafes, discussion/workshop spaces, and sound camps.

If you're thinking of bringing a theme camp, don’t forget to register your camp with us (especially if it will include sound!). This helps us help you make sure your expression is placed perfectly for maximum effect.

Thinking of bringing your art to the paddock?

All participants are encouraged to create, facilitate and propagate works of art in our community. Your challenge is to create interactive experiences that will inspire and engage your fellow citizens.

Installations can be giant and spectacular or intimate experiences to be sought-out. We encourage experimentation as there's no wrong way to do art!

Have you got a workshop, talk or performance with no place to hold it? Come host it in The Heart!

The Heart is the civic centre of Modifyre, our Town Hall. It provides a space for participants to meet, share ideas, and to find information about what is going on throughout the event.

A small stage and PA is available, suitable for acoustic music, spoken word, discussion and presentations (our ModX Talks prove popular each year!).

If you would like to perform or run a workshop at The Heart, simply register beforehand or sign up on the Information Board when you arrive.

Otherwise, you can join one of our event crews...

What better way to participate in the magic! From helping our kitchen feed the crew, through to greeting participants as they rock up, there is always something to do.

We’re always looking for a hand or two to help us out, so if you are interested in lending a hand, simply fIll out our volunteer application form and someone will be in touch to find the right fit for you.



Mutant Vehicles (also known as Art Cars) are unique, motorised creations that can show little or no resemblance to their original form. Mutant vehicles can be made from scratch, or stunningly and safely modified from their base vehicle.

All Mutant Vehicles are required to register with the Department of Mutant Vehicles, to ensure they meet safety requirements.

To encourage more small human powered Art Cars, Modifyre is also offering small grants to assist you in building your awesome creations. Our Chief Registrar of the DMV is ready to help you achieve your dream.

Just email to register and discuss your ideas and questions.



Our grants program is returning this year! There are a small number of grants available to facilitate the creation and transportation of art and theme camps at the event.

As Modifyre is still growing, our funding is limited, however we endeavour to support as many projects as possible.

Priority is given to work that relates to the Event Theme and aligns with the aim of generating highly interactive, community-driven, collaborative work that is thought-provoking and participatory.

Grants are available for art installations, theme camps, workshops or performances. If you have an idea or project that needs a little financial assistance to realise, let us know!

Please note that you will need to register your art work in addition to the grant application. These are two separate processes and one does not guarantee the other.

Grant applications will close on 30 April, with funding being issued within 2 weeks of notification.



The Modifyre team are planning towards what we intend to be an amazing event in July. The health and safety of our community is our first and foremost priority. The COVID-19 pandemic is continually evolving, as such the organisers will continually evolve our response to ensure we comply with all the relevant QLD laws and health directives at the time of the event. Modifyre classifies as a Category Two event and therefore requires a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the Queensland Public Health Unit. Key principles include, but are not limited to, practicing social distancing, regular hand washing, and the collection of contact details for tracing purposes. If this event is cancelled as a result of government restrictions, remedies to those who have bought tickets will include:

  • Partial refunds if the event is cancelled due to QLD laws and health directives, after expenses have been accounted for.

  • Postponing the event until a later date when possible.

No refunds can be offered due to change of mind, circumstances or the weather. If you no longer wish to attend due to concerns about COVID-19, this will be treated as a change in mind. Patrons are encouraged to resell their ticket via, our secure ticket resale and name change platform instead. It is a condition of entry all patrons provide their contact information on entry, for the purpose of contact tracing during / after the event. We are all working hard to make this a COVID safe event, and will keep you updated as things progress!



As Burners, there are aspects of our events that remain constant, allowing for stability and growth, and there are parts that shift, contributing to movement and other growth.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate the necessary changes to this year’s Modifyre. With regard for safety and regulation compliance, we anticipate a truly beautiful and unique event, reflective of our community and its creativity, connection and celebration.

Go to NOW and buy your ticket!

Then… consider what piece of you that wants to come play on the paddock that time forgot.

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