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Current vacancies - Modifyre 2021

Keen to get involved, but not sure how?

Missed the meeting but still have a burning desire to participate?

Modifyre is run purely by volunteers. Without the tireless effort from community members gifting their time (mostly in the background) year round, this event wouldn’t even be a thing! And as the old saying goes, many hands make light work.

We are looking for some enthusiastic and energetic peeps to fill a few vacancies within the production team.

Currently, the following positions are available:

MoP (Ministry of Propaganda) Conductor (Communications Lead)

Are you insanely organised and 5 steps ahead of anyone at any given time? If not, don’t worry too much! Your role in the choir is to orchestrate all the noise in the MoP hive. You will be able to jump across the various functions of the team to make sure all of our ducks are in a row and we are on track to the finish line.

Social Media Junkie (Social Media Coordinator)

Do you love a cheeky scroll sesh?? Constantly wishing you had the keys to a bigger social media rig. Well we’re looking for someone who has the gusto to make our voice heard online. You won’t have to write all the copy for posts, but if you have a keen eye on how we should interact with our community online and are good at moderation, then we want to hear from you!

Guardian of the Web(site) (Website Manager)

Have you ever used Wix before? Don’t worry it’s a piece of cake! Making sure what we say is updated and reflected on our website is an integral part of our operations (as you may see, it needs a tweak here and there!). Working with everyone, your role is to make sure the website it up to date as we move through the various stages of organising the event.

Media/PR Activist

It’s all about image darling, and that’s why we need you. We are looking for someone to assist us with any external media or publications that we prepare from time to time (don’t stress, there usually isn’t that much!)

Monkey Wrangler (Volunteer Coordinator)

Are you good at counting monkeys and herding cats (or any other species for that matter)? Your job will be to make sure all monkeys are accounted for and any that wish to volunteer with us are pointed in the right direction to a suitable team. This is a fun role that involves chatting with lots of people to identify their flame.

Lead Ranger

Rangers are there to assist all participants to acclimatize to Modifyre’s unique culture, while ensuring all burn brightly and have someone to talk to if any issues arise throughout the burn.We are looking for someone with prior Ranger experience to help lead the team for this year’s event.

Unblocker of Gridlock (Traffic Lead)

Your job will be to work with the team of peeps placed on the paddock to ensure participants adhere to any speed limits onsite, while directing them where to go as they arrive.

Chief Registrar, Dept. of Mutant Vehicles (Art Car Coordinator)

Your role includes issuing licenses to mobile art cars that wish to apply to roam the paddock, making sure they are up to the spec of the DMV.

Security Detail

Our connection between the paddock and the default world, our Security Lead and team is there to watch over everyone to make sure all are safe across the land. Minimal issues are encountered but prior experience is required.

VIA Conduire (Visual Installationsn & Art Lead)

Sounds pretty fancy eh? You role will be to work with artists who are keen to bring their art to the paddock! This includes making sure they are placed around the event for maximum effect.

Quadrant Coordinator (Theme Camp Lead)

Overseer of the madness, capable of rallying larger troops who want to bring the magic to the paddock. Making sure all camps are safe, set up and have everything they need.

Fire Performance Lead

Capable of wielding flame in awe of humans, there to cultivate creativity and encourage participation (and plan our fire performances around the burn!)

Onsite Administrator

Do you have a knack for organisation and keeping track of processes, then this role is for you! Working with our lead Administrator Jadey, you will both be working with the Producer to lead the charge in making sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, both in the lead up to, during and after the event.

If you are (or know someone who would be) interested in helping grease the wheels of this beast, please email

None of these float your boat, that's ok! There are tonnes of other ways you can participate. If you aren't keen on a lead position but still want to join a crew, fill out our Volunteer Application Form here.

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