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A collection of clippings from the ruminatings, schemings and happenings from our organisation and its members...

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Modifyre 2018 Review: Because of her, we can

The following is by Tanya Kirkegaard, our indigenous liaison and new Committee member, Bigambul woman and niece to Cheryl Moggs. We play on stolen land.

Tanya wrote and read the following poem at MODIFYRE 2018's smoking ceremony, and presented BURN Arts with the amazing artwork below.


Our Spirit, Songs and Bloodlines flow like water through the land From Birth to Death to Afterlife I Always hold Her hand In this Time and Time before and in Time yet perceived I Dream and I Create with form my Thoughts and my Beliefs I walk this Earth a Soul Divine incarnate of pure Love Expressing Mother Earth below and Father Sky above Silently across the Dust and Ash I move and Dance A Fire spark ignites Within my Spirits Soulful trance Connected in my Dreamtime guided by Ancestors there Together we are Knowing and All wisdom Elders share My Mother and her Mother and her Mother came with Song These are the Sacred Stories handed down and passed along Our Mother is Our Mother Earth Because of Her we Can Our Spirit, Songs and Bloodlines flow like water through the land

"We all know that the Philosophy of Modifyre is based on 10 basic Principles, with recognition of 11th and 12th additional principles which form an integral part of the ethos and way of living which Modifyre embraces.  I would like to state and acknowledge, that these principles are congruent with traditional Aboriginal society, law and customs.  By embracing the twelve principles of Modifyre, you are also embracing the principles of Traditional Aboriginal Society." Tanya Kirkegaard


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