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Announcement: Launching the BURN Arts Regional Network

Image: Spygel

If you didn’t know already, BURN Arts stands for Brisbane Urban and Regional Network for the Arts. After an illuminating Strategic Planning Session, and in order to live up to our name, we’ve opted to formalise this network with nominated Community Champions in the regions surrounding Brisbane.

Why do we need Community Champions? There are two main reasons. 1) Too often, those living outside of the urban centres feel isolated, and less able to contribute to the Modifyre community.  2) We’ve identified that the best way to sustainably grow the Modifyre/BURN Arts community and event is to better engage with our regional members, to assist them to create “hubs” of activity outside Brisbane. This means that we can avoid traditional models of advertising, and engage with potential participants in a more authentic and inclusive way that ensures our community retains its culture as we get bigger.

As of right now, we’d like to welcome Lea and Ravin as our first official Community Champions, who’ll be spearheading this initiative in the Northern Rivers area. Find out how to contact them, and the program coordinators from BURN Arts here.


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