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UPCOMING LOCAL EVENT - Body Positive Pool Party

Right to the City Brisbane, in conjunction with Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri, are throwing the ultimate end-of-summer party - a Body Positive Pool Party - with the added goal of raising funds for Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance.

The Body Positive Pool party aims to take a space that is historically problematic for folks with bodies that sit outside of society's oppressive beauty standards and gender norms, and transform it into a space that embraces radical, body positivity. 

Join us for some prefigurative smashing of the white-supremacist-capitalist-cishet-patriarchy and just generally, one very fun night. 

The night will include: * Live music * Food * Thematically linked art * Stalls * SWIMMING  ++ much more

More details to come in the next few weeks. Find the event page here.

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