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BUG Spray Community Profile: Tony Sharp- Substation33 (vol 1 Iss iii-iiii)

In our newest segment, Community Profile, we interview local champions who are doing noteworthy things in our community... 

First off the bat, we talked to Tony Sharp, who gifted us the use of his home-built Solar Trailer during Modifyre 2018. This meant that the Sunset Ducks, Kitchen, Medics, Ranger HQ and the Heart were all powered sustainably this year. The trailer is built with reclaimed solar panels and recycled batteries, which have been diverted from landfill (eat your heart out Earth Guardians!). Best of all, it's silent and doesn't stink up the paddock like a gennie. Tony is really generous with his knowledge, so we definitely recommend having a chinwag if you're interested in creating sustainable electronic systems at the Burn! 

++ How did you get into recycled electronics and why are you passionate about it? - My passion is centered around creating valuable work experience and volunteering opportunities for people marginalized in our community. I really just stumbled upon the idea of using electronic waste as a medium to offer these opportunities to people and here we are today processing 200,000 kilograms per year. 

++ Tell us about the Solar Trailer, and how you made it? - The solar trailer was just a concept to as we explored ways to re-purpose perfectly good solar panels destined for landfill. The trailer is changing conversation at events where it offers free energy to replace petroleum based electrical generation. Twelve month old and a dozen festivals and community events under its belt - let's see what 2019 and beyond can bring. 

++ How have you been using it for advocacy and what sort of conversations are you having with people? - It is an interesting space and the conversations are broad and varied - but the in my 6+ years of curating Substation33 these upcycling recycling and most recently - circular economy conversations are becoming more mainstream. 

++ Where can people come and learn to make things with recycled electronics? - Substation33, our social enterprise down in Kingston, Logan. Drop in anytime! 

++ Do you think the solar trailer can be used as a blueprint of sorts for other members of the community to create closed-loop systems of power usage? - Yes but there needs to be further work done and a 'Champion" to facilitate these conversations. Let's keep the conversations going and prompt the use of these technologies into the future. 

(Perhaps that's where we come in!)

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