ParticiPATion forms & Guides

There are loads of ways to share your talents at Modifyre. Whether you're creating artwork or a theme camp, running a workshop, or volunteering at the event or year-round, you're playing an invaluable role in this ongoing experiment. Here you'll find the registration forms and all the information you need to get started.


Start the process of bringing your creation to Modifyre by filling the Art Registration form.


If you're running a theme camp, register with us and we'll help you with placement and preparation.



If you would like to present a performance, workshop, or discussion in our civic space, The Heart, sign up here:


Explore the volunteer crews to find an event or year-round role that meets your interests. Then sign up to get started!



If you wish to attend Modifyre as media, or will be undertaking photography or videography for public dissemination, we ask that you register with us here:


A limited pool of funding is available to support the creation of art and theme camps at Modifyre. We look for work that fits the aim of being highly interactive, community-driven and collaborative.

DOn't know where to start?

Participation is key at Modifyre. It is the focus around which all functions in our community revolve. We value process over product, and believe that creation for its own sake can provide a powerful means of fostering healthy minds and healthy communities. 

Explore the pages below to find out more about burner culture and see how you might participate at Modifyre and all year round.