Buy the ticket, take the ride...
— Hunter S. Thompson

Tickets are the key to creating Modifyre and everybody buys one. Even the guy writing this web page about tickets buys one. We choose crowd-creation over commercialisation. There are no sponsors or corporate production companies. There's you, me, our wallets, and our imaginations.

And Gifting. Lots and lots of Gifting.

Your ticket purchase is the baseline to participation at Modifyre. It is your subscription to the culture we are trying to collectively create. There is no free entry for artists and performers, no passes for media, or special discounts for volunteer crew. This includes the community organisers who work tirelessly year-round without any expectation of reward to foster burner culture and make Modifyre happen. In a non-profit, collaborative community like ours, we all pay, play, work and gain.

We hear you shuffling restlessly...

"...but if there's no paid acts, or hired labour, what do you do with the money?"

An excellent question indeed. Without sponsorship or commercial activity, our margins are pretty darn small. We have insurance to cover, site fees to pay, equipment to hire, and materials for the Bug, the Temple, and general site infrastructure. Whatever's left over we use to provide art and theme camp grants, run community workshops and training, purchase or build long-term infrastructure for the event, and generally support the creation of a year-round community dedicated to participatory arts & culture.

If you don't believe it, our finances are published one month after the event, so you can see for yourself what we spent your hard-earned dollar on.

2017 ticket prices:

Early Bird: $130 (10th March to 7th April; or until sold out)

Main Sale: $160

Kids (Ages 10-17): $50
Kids (under 10): Free!