Modifyre is going through lots of changes. We're TRANSFORMING. 

From grubby beginnings in the warehouses and basements of Brisbane, our community is emerging from its cocoon, spreading its wings, and taking flight. We're slowly growing into a fully fledged event and a year-round community of dreamers and doers.

We are ready to pollinate the city with the seeds of creativity, turning mad ideas into a wonderful mad reality. We are devoted to the task of creating a year-round community dedicated to participatory arts, self-expression, de-commodification, and self-reliance. We want to see a flourishing culture of interactive participatory arts & civic engagement, in Brisbane and beyond.

ARTWORK: Mama See + Wick

ARTWORK: Mama See + Wick

Modifyre is not the sole expression of this culture and community - it is just the culmination of a year's worth of art building and community building. It is a celebration of everything that has been achieved so far and everything that is still left to achieve. It is a harvest festival of art, where we reap the rewards of the hard work and dedication on the part of so many in our community.

How have you been transformed this year? Can you express it through word or action? Can you show us in an artwork, a theme camp, or a rockin' volunteer shift? Come join us at Modifyre 2016: TRANSFORMATIONS and let's see what changes await...