Image Credit: Don Barrington


A Theme Camp is an interactive, inclusive and participatory space created by the combined efforts of participants for the benefit of other participants. They are the social core of any Burn, bringing vibrancy and variety.

Creating a theme camp requires commitment from a group of individuals willing to devote their time, energy, and resources to creating immersive worlds and interactive experiences for their fellow burners. They are a direct expression of the principles of communal effort, participation and gifting. 

Anyone is welcome to create or join a theme camp. There is no idea too big, too small, or too far-fetched. The ideal theme camp creates a visually stimulating presence, providing communal space and opportunities for unexpected interaction. Examples might include theatrical venues, kids camps, play spaces, bars, chillout spaces, cafes, discussion / workshop spaces, and sound camps.


Ready to bring that roller disco pancake parlour to life? Check out the Theme Camp Setup Guide below for all the practical info you’ll need to make it happen. Then go ahead and Register your camp with us. If you're in need of a little inspiration, check out some of the awesome theme camps already signed up.


Once you’ve read through the Setup Guide, fill out the Registration form and let us know what you’re planning. This allows us to connect you with resources relevant to your Theme Camp and include you and your events in the Event Guide.


Camps are welcome to simply rock up and do their thing. However, it helps us if you register pre-event, for a number of reasons:

  1. Placement and space: Registration allows us to locate camps according to their particular needs and the needs of surrounding camps, and to ensure we allocate enough space for all the camps who wish to come.
  2. Event guide: We'll list your camp in the Event Guide and on the website, and let people know what you're getting up to during the week.
  3. Pooling resources: Many hands make light work - we help connect camps so they can pool resources such as transport, power, food and water. We can also help you find performers or other participants looking for a camp to join.
  4. Coordination: Camps are encouraged to talk to one another and to coordinate events so that everyone has their chance to shine!
  5. Sound: It is essential that we place large sound systems carefully so as not to upset our neighbours in the Valley.
  6. Fire: We need to keep track of burn barrels and flame effects at all times, so that everybody stays safe.

Please note, if you plan to have amplified sound or fire as part of your camp, registration is ESSENTIAL. 


As a crowd-funded event without commercial sponsorship, Modifyre is not in a position to provide complimentary tickets or artists' fees to Theme Camps. However, in order to recognise the central role our Theme Camps play in promoting and perpetuating Burner culture both at the event and throughout the year, grants are available to facilitate your efforts. We are also committed to supporting Theme Camps through other means including promotion and facilitation of fundraising events, logistics and transport, and access to equipment and relevant resources as required.

All grants are funded entirely by ticket sales. If you are interested in receiving a grant, please indicate this in your completed Theme Camp Registration form.