Image Credit: Caz Thomas



The Heart is the civic centre of Modifyre, our town hall. It is a space where participants can meet, share ideas, exchange news, and find out what's going on around the event. It is also the home of many of our civic institutions, like the Earth Guardians, Lanterneers, and the Forgery.


In The Heart you will find ample shade, soft seating, and warm lighting; a small stage suitable for acoustic music, spoken word, discussion and presentations is provided. You will also find Lost and Found items, the Monkey Wranglers' station where volunteers can sign-up for shifts and the Community Info board where people leave messages and notices for one another.


Do you have some skills or knowledge that you would like to share with the rest of the community at Modifyre? If you would like to perform or run a workshop at The Heart, register your event below & let us know what you're planning. If you haven't got a plan, simply sign up on the community info board when you arrive. Use the form below to have a time slot reserved for you at The Heart. You will be contacted by a member of the crew closer to the event with your allocated time, or if you have any specific requests please email