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Storytellers and documentarians are an integral part of Burning Man culture, and Modifyre is no exception. Together, we share the story of our community, and as we grow, we will compile a cultural and historical archive. 

While we welcome image-makers, as storytellers and artists, we can only do so in a limited capacity due to the unique nature of the event. Thus, we look to approve the strongest, most well thought out project proposals. We encourage you to study the resources on this website and to read more about Burning Man culture before completing the actual application form.


If you're planning to publish or disseminate media you generate beyond your own family and friends, we ask you to register your project with us.



Remember, everyone buys a ticket! There are no media passes. In a participatory community such as ours, you're part of it, not just observing it.


(aka pics and flicks for friends & family)

If, like most folks, you love taking photos, you'll find it hard not to happy snap all week long at Modifyre. And who could blame you? There's so much awesome stuff to see.

But we have three words for you: consent, consent, consent.

So, before you click that button, ask! — especially if the person is naked, intoxicated or in the middle of an intimate, vulnerable or private moment, or if they are children. And if asking first is not possible (but it almost always is), make sure to check in with the person once the photo has been taken.

Whether you're a newcomer or not, you might not know what is acceptable until you ask. By asking, you'll eliminate confusion and foster a tighter, safer community where people know their boundaries are protected and respected.

Remember: photographs might seem like a good idea at the time but radical self-expression can look quite different out of its natural habitat and splashed all round Facebook for employers, family members and others to see. Burners often lead many different lives outside these events. 

If you are just sharing your photos with friends and families, then that's all you need to know. But if you're taking images for wider public distribution, read on.

Professionals and aspiring

(pics, flicks and articles for wider distribution)

We love seeing beautiful images that represent our exciting event, and we value our photographers!

If you are planning to take photographs or film for anything beyond sharing with friends and family – and that includes websites, gallery showings, traditional and digital media –  then you need to seek and be granted written permission. Yes, that includes public posts on Facebook. You will also be required to wear an official media identification number. This is both so that participants can track down images of themselves to remember the burn by, but also so that they can track down images they decide they do not want posted after the fact. This also means that if participants see photographers not practising consent, we can contact you. 

If you are planning to write and publish an article, you will also need to register with us. 

Photographers and videographers will also need to sign usage agreements, which will be emailed upon approval of your project and which you will need to either scan and send back or give to the media contact person on site.

A ticket does not automatically give you the right to film, take pictures or write for publication or broadcast, regardless of commercial intent.

At Modifyre, we are seeking to create a radically self-expressive space where people can openly be or do anything. There is therefore a greater need at our Burn to maintain the integrity and safety of the space and its people – and for participants to know and trust that this is happening. That means we like to keep an eye on media, photographers and filmmakers – professional, semi-professional and amateur. 

There are no media passes. In a participatory community such as ours, you're part of it too. So, yes, you must buy a ticket. 

After the Event

We require you to notify us if you publicly post media from the event. This is for two reasons:


Participants in our community have the right to revoke consent at any time, for any reason. You may be contacted directly by a participant for removal of an image, or Modifyre may do so on their behalf. If you are contacted regarding deletion of an image, you are required to do so, no questions asked, regardless of whether prior consent was previously given.


We would love to share your work with our participants! Artistically speaking, the Modifyre community collectively creates the festival environment. In this way, we believe that the images belong to the artists, performers and community that created the content that is photographed, as well as the photographer. In this vein, artists who see their work photographed are entitled to ask for their work to be credited. We hope this will go both ways, with artists sharing and crediting photographers too!


To review our current Media and Photography Policy, click here.

Our comms team understands that these policies require tact and judgement calls on behalf of the photographers. If you have any questions about our Media policy, including specific actions to take in special situations, please get in touch at

Consent, Consent, Consent!