Image Credit: Don Barrington


There is no rubbish collection at Modifyre! There are no bins. That means we are ALL responsible for trash and every camp is responsible for its own garbage. EVERYTHING you bring in has the potential to become trash: tent pegs, bottle caps, ashes, banana peels, cigarette butts, nut shells, rope fibers, sequins or even glitter. All citizens share in the responsibility to line-sweep their camps and the city for Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) before they leave the site.

Leave No Trace (LNT) is one of the 11 Principles that guide Modifyre, so when it comes time to say goodbye we aim to leave the site exactly as we found it...or when we can, even better! Modifyre might call our site home for a few short weeks, but it is the luscious year-round home to numerous types of flora and fauna, we aim to keep it that way.


Prepare To Leave No Trace

There are things you can do in advance of your departure for Modifyre to start your LNT efforts off right and make LNT easier when you are on site:

Prepare BOTH a Leave No Trace plan AND a cleanup plan for your camp, so you can LNT as you go and have less to clean up and restore before you leave.

Remove all excess packaging from everything you buy (food, supplies, tools) before you pack it.

  • Don’t bring glass containers of any kind — they can shatter. Metal bottles and plates work well.
  • Smokers!! Make a portable ashtray (a mint tin, for instance works perfectly) to collect your cigarette butts and ashes.
  • Bring extra tarps to put under MOOP-heavy areas like your kitchen, construction areas and work spaces.
  • Bring cardboard, a tarp, or a pan to place under your vehicle’s oil pan to collect any drippings.
  • Bring rope or tie-downs to secure everything in your camp, and to securely strap down your load on top of your vehicle.
  • Pack some work gloves to help you pick up the sharp bits, and a magnet rake to help pick up metal.
  • Leave anything at home (living or dead) that will break up and blow away in the wind. Plants are not allowed - as the event is held in a State Forest - use artificial ones instead. Don’t bring loose glitter, feather boas, astroturf, styrofoam coolers, plastic bags, disposable drink cups, gravel—they can blow away in the wind or turn into MOOPy messes before you know it.
  • Learn how to make an evaporation device and properly dispose of your grey water, NEVER POUR IT ON THE GROUND.

Leave No Trace at modifyre

  • Never let it hit the ground and clean as you go. MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see MOOP on the ground, pick it up and take it with you & set the examples for new burners at the event.
  • Weight it down. Put a weight on or tie down anything that can blow away.
  • Smokers: Carry a portable ashtray (such as a mint tin) with you at all times, or put butts in your pocket. NEVER, EVER drop butts on the ground or in public areas like porta-loos. Help keep cigarette butts from being one of the top MOOP items!
  • If it wasn’t made by your body, don’t put it in the potty. No tampons, trash, cigarette butts, etc. One ply toilet paper ONLY.
  • Bring your own mug to camps serving coffee and tea. If you bring your own bottled or canned beverages, please take the drink containers back to your camp. There are no trash cans provided.
  • Do not dump grey water onto the ground. Bring containers and use empty water containers to collect your grey water and dispose of ecologically off site.
  • If you have an RV be sure to bring a five gallon bucket to catch any grey or black water leaks from your plumbing.
  • Make a MOOP bucket. Cut a 10cm hole in the top of an empty plastic water jug, leaving the handle intact, to use for collecting and containing MOOP. For dust that has glass, wood chips, bark or anything too small to pick up, sweep it into a dust pan and deposit in a bucket for disposal at home.
  • Carry a MOOP bag. Wherever you go, carry a small bag to collect any MOOP you find. Some customise their MOOP bags to make them a part of their paddock wear. 
  • Make sure everyone does a MOOP sweep of your camp before you leave. Every little bit of MOOP, including nails, cable ties, peanut and eggshells, glitter, cigarette butts, anything that is not part of the natural environment, must be taken away. Remember, the aim of Leave No Trace is to leave your campsite in better condition than when you arrived.

Rubbish, Recycling & green waste

Be prepared to haul out everything that you haul in - remember, by attending this event you and your camp are personally committing to LEAVE NO TRACE.  We are here to support you, not to be your mothers. If you need to bring your mother, make sure she has a ticket.

  • Plan ahead! Whilst camping you can generate a lot more rubbish and recycling than you expect. Consider what you pack in so you have less to pack out or dispose of. Take unnecessary plastic wrappings off items, transfer items sold in plastic bags or boxes to Tupperware or crates. Bring plenty of heavy-duty garbage bags.
  • Make an advance plan of how you will ‘pack out’ when it’s time to go. Begin your weekend with a recycling or waste program at your camp.
  • Be kind to our neighbours and don’t dump your rubbish in neighbouring towns, roadside bins or service stations on your way out. Instead, plan for a rubbish and recycling run to your local tip or dispose of your waste at home.