Image Credit: Don Barrington


Modifyre is a magical place full of action and adventure for everyone, including kids. If you're thinking of bringing your kids, we admire and encourage you.

Our event thrives on diversity, participation, playfulness and imagination. This makes it a great environment for kids to experience and engage in the values that make Modifyre so special. Kids help make our community a real community, one which reflects the broader society of which it is a component.

But although Modifyre is family friendly, it’s not a family festival. If you’re planning to bring the kids along, there are a few things you’ll need to consider to make sure it’s a positive experience for everyone.


You — yes you! — are ultimately responsible for your kids, and that means knowing where they are at all times. In fact, it's a condition of entry that an adult accompanies kids 18 and under at all times.

You might think your teenager, or even your toddler, is old enough to seek out their own experience and that’s cool, but remember: radical self-expression manifests in many different ways. It’s not up to other Burners to check their behaviour in front of your kids — it’s up to you as a parent to decide what’s suitable or not, and to give them context.

There's also plenty of woodland to go exploring on the site, and an out-of-bounds dam. These features mean that supervision of younger kids is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. 


Any Burn can be a radical and challenging environment, and Modifyre is no exception. You need to be sure you’re comfortable exposing your kids, whatever age they are, to an adult environment where anything can happen. For many parents the experience can provide a positive catalyst for open and rewarding conversations with kids about some of those things you probably wouldn’t bring up over dinner at grandma’s place.


  • If you've ever gone camping with your kids, you're halfway home. And everything in the Survival Guide applies doubly to kids: water, food, shade, sunblock, comfortable clothes, and knowing their (and your) limits are all important to being able to enjoy the experience.
  • It's a really good idea to get your kids fed and ready for bed BEFORE it gets dark. After dark, everything gets harder. It's much more fun to have everything prepared before dark so the little tykes can hit the hay without a hassle as soon as they're tired.
  • CONSTANT HYDRATION. Dehydration is not only dangerous but will cause anyone, adults included, to get irritable, angry and difficult to deal with. Carry a water bottle at all times!
  • Whenever you're feeling stressed or your kid doesn't seem to be coping, you should H.A.L.T — and assess whether or not the underlying cause of non-coping is because you are Hungry/Angry/Lonely/Tired. Having a drink and something to eat always helps.