Here are some questions we often get in the lead up to the event. If your question is not answered here, or in the information pages of this website, please get in touch.


Q. What should I bring?

A. Modifyre is an exercise in self-sufficiency. You have to bring everything you need to survive, and then some. Some people bring only the basics; others bring everything including the kitchen sink.

Water, food and shelter are imperative. And a cup! Without a cup, how can you expect to be served a drink??

After that, everything else is up to you. For maximum enjoyment of the event, bring toys or costumes with which you can express your creative spirit.


Q. How is the weather on the site?

A. As the event is held in mid-winter it can get a little icy down there. Expect temperatures ranging from 0 degrees at night to 25 degrees during the day. Prepare for rainfall. Although it's Winter, the site is located smack bang between the two highest rainfall areas in southeast Queensland.


Q. Can I come in just for the day?

A. Modifyre is an experiment in temporary community. Meeting neighbours and forming relationships is a fundamental part of the experience. This is not a spectator event.

In order to experience the essence of the burn, you will want to become part of the community. It is difficult to take a role in the community if you are at the event for less than 24 hours. Therefore, there are no day passes sold, and no discounts based on your length of stay. You are still welcome to attend for just a portion of the event, however you will pay a full ticket price.


Q. How much is it for a hamburger?

A. Modifyre is a commerce-free event. You need to bring ALL supplies, food, water and tools you will need for survival in a harsh environment. No food or sundry items are sold anywhere at the event. If you're lucky though, somebody might just be whipping up that burger right as you walk past.

If you forget something vital, your best bet is to make friends with your neighbours.


Q. Can I drive on site?

You can drive to your camping spot onsite. Once parked & set up, no vehicle movement will be allowed on site (except service and emergency vehicles). This is a very important stipulation of our conditions from the landowner, as well as common sense for the safety of all participants during the event.


Q: Can I reserve a campsite?

A: No. While there are marked roadways, there are no “camping sites,” other than the spaces previously allotted for pre-placed theme camps and art installations. Those awarded placement have applied in advance. Come early if you need space to add friends.


Q. What is a Theme Camp?

It’s an immersive interactive experience designed one group of participants for the benefit of others. More information can be found in the Theme Camp section on the website. Theme camps are located all over the site and host events at all different times of day and night. Some gift food, some do dance classes, and some crank whopper tunes. 

Assigned placement comes after approved advanced registration. Though registration is not at all required, only registered theme camps will be cited on the city map. 


Q. Why should I register my camp / art?

A. We endeavour to place all registered theme camps, who will then be mapped and assigned a space prior to arrival on the site. The same goes for art installations on the paddock. Therefore, it is best to register your theme camp or art installation. Registration is not a prerequisite for creating an art installation or theme camp — it just helps us to help you, by planning and preparing for your work.

Registration is essential if your art / theme camp involves fire or amplified sound.


Q. Is there amplified music at Modifyre?

A. Amplified music is a favoured method of participation and self-expression at Modifyre, and one that influences a large number of people.
We ask that amplified music in camps be kept at a reasonable level. 

Large scale sound art/systems MUST register for placement.

Sound systems should be no bigger than 300 watts for regular theme camps.
Sound levels produced by any electronic system or device should not exceed 90 decibels at the edge of a camp or village.
Sound levels emitted from any camp should not cause serious disruption to adjacent camps.


Q: Can I play on the main stage?

A: Modifyre is not a conventional 'festival'. The event organisers do not provide dedicated performance stages, sound systems or venues. By the same token, we do not curate or take applications for a programme of music or other performance.

The exception to this is The Heart, our civic centre, where a small stage & PA are provided, suitable for presentations, workshops, discussions, performances and acoustic music. You can sign up to play The Heart via our registration form, or just rock up at the event and put your event on the whiteboard.

If you are a DJ or musician, we recommend you get in touch with one of our Theme Camps, many of whom run world class sound systems. You will still be required to purchase a ticket.


Q: When's the lineup going to be announced?

A: See the question above. We do not publish any lineup of acts. An Event Guide containing all the happenings and events (including music) is distributed to every participant upon arrival.


Q: Where is the doof this year?

A: Modifyre is not a doof. While our ranks include many individuals from the electronic music community, they are not the majority. Modifyre is an experiment in temporary community, and one that is all-inclusive of doofers and non-doofers alike. We do, however, hold a special fondness for the word "doofers".


Q. Can I bring my dog?

Pets/animals are not allowed at Modifyre. If you do need a service animal during the event, please do contact the organisers before you attend, pre-registering by emailing with all the certifying documentation. Same applies for a person requiring an attendant via a “Companion Card”


Q. I have some handmade crafts that I’d like to sell in order to cover my travel costs. Where can I set this up?

A.  There is NO VENDING at Modifyre. Participants who are found vending /selling will be asked to leave. Modifyre flourishes through sharing, and the giving of the gift of yourself. We have found the buying and selling of goods is a distraction to connecting and creating relationships. Selling is a transaction-based activity.


Q. Do you have a Drug and Alcohol Policy?

A. Sure do! Check it out right here.