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Each year we select a theme to help channel the creative energies of our participants. The theme may be a starting point for some, a reference point for others. It is a catalyst for ideas to go bouncing around between collaborators, a generator and a unifier of content.

The event theme frames the narrative of our Bug and Temple effigies, and the opening and closing ceremonies. It guides artists, theme camps, and performers in their constant quest to reinvent the processes and products of their work.

We select a theme by popular vote, with a poll open to suggestions from any member of the public. At our first two gatherings, the title of the event became the theme. In 2014, PreConception saw a gathering of 90 come together for a weekend to share their creative spirits and talk shop - laying the foundations for the event and the community they imagined. The selection of the name Modifyre for the 2015 event signified a shift, from an imagined future to a tangible present, a dedicated community working together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

This thematic preoccupation with growth and change has continued with the theme selection for Modifyre 2016 of TRANSFORMATIONS. As we go through the process of turning a radically unstructured collaboration into a self-organising self-determining entity with defined aims and objectives, we are transforming ourselves and our community into agents of our own imaginings.

Theme for 2017


Let us take you on a journey - a journey to a faraway land where creativity and community reign above all else, a place where a gift is priceless and money worthless, a place where people want for nothing, because everyone brings something.

Once upon a time in this place there was a village, its foundation made entirely of dreams. At the heart of the village there was a Bug. Although the villagers tried to resist, the Bug infected every one of them - their attempts to burn her only spread the Bug further, planting a seed in the hearts of all who witnessed it. 

Before long the village grew into a town, and dreams gave way to reality. Civic institutions sprang up, quarried from the mountains of effort that surrounded their little community. But still the Bug plagued the town. Each year she would return stronger than the last, spreading the seeds of creativity anew and keeping a watchful eye over the town. 

Eventually they turned to celebration - the citizens came to understand that the Bug's arrival heralded another healthy harvest: They sowed ideas, they fertilised with love, and they reaped the reward of art, self-expression, and the sheer joy of immediate experience.

Now the town was a city, thronged with artisans dedicated to their task. A place of culture and renown, her influence felt far an wide. The citizens, proud of their name, stopped at nothing to spread their culture, and their queen - The Bug - well she just kept on burning.

MODIFYRE 2016: TRANSFORMATIONS | Artwork: Mama See + Wick

MODIFYRE 2016: TRANSFORMATIONS | Artwork: Mama See + Wick

MODIFYRE 2015 | Artwork: Wick

MODIFYRE 2015 | Artwork: Wick

PRECONCEPTION 2014 | Artwork: Artur Scheunert

PRECONCEPTION 2014 | Artwork: Artur Scheunert