Image Credit: Michelle Vine

“Creating a safe and positive space for people to be authentic, inspired and inspiring, we are care- takers of imagination and instigators of open-hearted wonder”
- Stephen Raspa, Burning Man Project


BURN Arts, Inc. - the Brisbane Urban and Regional Network for the Arts - is an independent arts organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of participatory arts and culture in Brisbane and surrounding regions. 

BURN Arts is predominantly responsible for the production of Modifyre annually. However, in its year-round presence, it supports multiple collectives in Brisbane to hold events for their communities through auspicing & legal services, free access to equipment & resources, and hosting participatory, interactive and immersive art events for diverse groups of people. 


The objects of of BURN Arts, Inc. are:

(a)  to organise, develop and promote:

(i)   an annual arts, music and cultural festival which is inclusive, accepting and safe; and
(ii)  other related events promoting self-expression, identity and understanding;

(b)  to act as a vehicle for the creation and propagation of participatory, interactive, thought-provoking art works and events;

(c)  to develop and support workshops and training activities for artists and volunteers;

(d)  to support community-based fundraising events to further the development of the objects of the association;

(e)  to foster a culture of critical thinking and social activism;

(f)  to conduct all its activities in an environmentally sustainable manner;

(g)  to adhere to the 10 principles of Burning Man; and

(h)  to foster the Burning Man community in Brisbane and regional Queensland. 



BURN Arts, Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated under the Associated Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld) (Incorporation number IA56243).