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BUG SPRAY is the brand spanking new community newsletter from BURN Arts Inc., covering all things burning around Brisbane, southeast Queensland and northern NSW. Your quarterly BUG SPRAY has all the latest news and updates from the BURN Arts universe, including upcoming local and international events, art + stuff, a reading corner, useful stuff like grant application deadlines, and of course all things Modifyre-related. 

We’ll be featuring the artistic musings of this incredible creative community of ours - writings, poetry, visual art, photography, music - you name it! Consider this an open call for submissions - everything will be considered for BUG SPRAY, the limit is your imagination!

As with everything we do, BUG SPRAY is volunteer run, so please forgive us if responses are slow to begin with. We’ve done up some submission guidelines to save everyone a bit of time - have a squizz below...


Guidelines >>

  • For images/ video/large files - please pop them in a dropbox/ google drive and send us the link - server space is precious.

  • Images tech specs: 1500px wide at 72dpi

  • For text - double check grammar, spelling and formatting, resist the urge to use ALL CAPS, and short is better than looong.

If you’d like us to see / read / hear your thing, or you have an event / happening for the Community News, or if you just have some thoughts / creations you would like to share with us, drop us a line at newsroom@modifyre.org.