Once you're ready to start creating, we ask that you register your art. This allows us to connect you with resources for your project and include you in the Event Guide.

Registration is ESSENTIAL If you are seeking placement onsite, or if your work involves fire or amplified sound.


As a crowd-funded event without commercial sponsorship, Modifyre cannot provide fees for artists' work. However, a number of grants are available to facilitate the creation of art and theme camps at the event.

As this is the first year of grants, the available funding is limited, however we will endeavour to support as many projects as possible. 

Priority will be given to work that relates to the Event Theme and that aligns with the aim of generating highly interactive, community-driven, collaborative work that is thought-provoking and participatory. 

This may include art installations, theme camps, workshops or performances. Funded projects must consist of new work. 

Grants are funded entirely by ticket sales.