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Modifyre is the annual Regional Burning Man event for Queensland and northern NSW, dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. It is an immersive experience created by its participants - individuals and groups just like you - for the benefit of other participants.

One of three Regional Burning Man events held annually in Australia, it is built around a core philosophy derived from Burning Man and reflects this philosophy in a series of key concepts that guide the event and the year-round community. 

We BUILD, we BURN, we BLOSSOM - the Event

Once a year we create a temporary village built on a gift economy, fuelled by communal effort, lit with radical thinking, and filled with participatory art, theme camps, performance, workshops, music and, of course, fire. At the heart of this village is The Bug, pollinating the seeds of our imagination. When the Bug burns these seeds are spread far and wide, helping creativity blossom wherever they land. When we leave, we dismantle and take the village with us, upholding our commitment to Leave No Trace wherever we go.

Unlike many events, Modifyre is not created by a production company as a passive experience sold to consumers. To this end, there are no corporate sponsors, no stalls, no exchange of money, and NO SPECTATORS. There’s you, me, and our imaginations. There are also no prerequisites for participation in this experiment; anyone may be a part of Modifyre.



Modifyre returns every year to Yelarbon State Forest, located just outside of Inglewood in Goondiwindi shire, 3.5hrs southwest of Brisbane. The community of Inglewood have given us this home where we have the space to flourish like never before, whilst staying true to our community roots.

As Modifyre's creative identity becomes ever bigger, ever brighter, ever more inspiring, so too grows the weight of our civic responsibility. We are committed to meaningful engagement with the regional community that hosts us, during the event and year-round. Keep an eye on the facebook page for updates! 


Modifyre does not just exist for the one week of the event. It is a year-round community of artists and activists, striving to make cities that are more open, inclusive, and innovative.

When we're not on site, we can be found plotting, scheming, planning and creating large-scale art in warehouses and under homes all over Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and beyond. Find out what we're up to next on the Modifyre Community facebook page.



Modifyre is a year-round community of radical thinkers, dreamers and doers. We believe in the power of communal effort and the value of civic engagement.

Our participants come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. By pooling the collective resources and skills of this diverse group, we hope to grow and support a flourishing community dedicated to the propagation of participatory arts and culture in Brisbane and Queensland.

There are no prerequisites for involvement in this community – we strive to be radically inclusive, irrespective of race, gender, age, ability, or sexual orientation.

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Meet the hard-working folks who make Modifyre happen. And find out about our grand plans to take over the city with interactive art!



Find out who's doing awesome stuff near you. Connect with burners making the magic happen on the ground, in Brisbane and all over the world.



Help us build a community-driven not-for-profit arts organisation; created by you, for you.




Tier 1:  Opening soon
Tier 2:  March 15th, 2019
Tier 3: May 15th, 2019
Ticket sales close July 2nd, 2019

Theme Camp, Art, Performance & Volunteer Registrations for 2019 are opening soon.

Theme Camp, Art & Performance
Grant Applications for 2019 are opening soon.

Theme Camp, Art & Performance
Grant Applications for 2019 are opening soon.

Theme Camp, Art & Performance
Registrations for 2019 are opening soon.

Online Volunteer Registration Closes:  June 30th, 2019
On-site Volunteer Registration is also available, visit The Heart on arrival.


Happening every weekend in May and June, see calendar opposite for times and dates.



DIC/Build crews:   June 23, 2019
Theme Camps & Art:   June 30, 2019

If more time is needed for larger scale art installations, get in touch with the Art Department > art@modifyre.org

SUMMIT:  July, 2019